Sunday, February 27, 2011

Oscar Wrap-Up: How'd We Do?

January 26th 2010

amy (9:38:24 PM): melissa leo [CORRECT]

amy (9:38:30 PM): christain bale [CORRECT]

amy (9:38:33 PM): natalie portman [CORRECT]

amy (9:38:38 PM): colin firth [CORRECT]

amy (9:38:39 PM): callin it

shane (9:38:44 PM): yeah thats what i'd say [CORRECT]

amy (9:38:53 PM): which is boring [CORRECT]

amy (9:38:56 PM): but oh well

shane (9:39:27 PM): hahah

shane (9:39:40 PM): best adapted screenplay will go to social network [CORRECT]

shane (9:39:44 PM): which will win best picture [INCORRECT]

amy (9:39:46 PM): sorKING

shane (9:39:50 PM): yeah social network is gonna clean up [INCORRECT]

shane (9:39:54 PM): callin it

amy (9:40:01 PM): yeah

shane (9:40:07 PM): the end of the night awards [INCORRECT]

shane (9:40:10 PM): and score [CORRECT]

shane (9:40:18 PM): and editing [CORRECT]

amy (9:40:23 PM): except nothing for jessenberg [CORRECT]

shane (9:40:28 PM): haha yeah probably not

shane (9:40:31 PM): that would be really surprisng

shane (9:40:43 PM): that'd be the one social network thing i'd be surprised and psyched about

amy (9:40:59 PM): who will be best director finchemiester? [INCORRECT]

shane (9:41:04 PM): yeah [INCORRECT]

shane (9:40:54 PM): cinematography

amy (9:41:07 PM): should go to BlackSwan

amy (9:41:11 PM): it will go to inception i bet [CORRECT]

shane (9:41:16 PM): i dont think so

shane (9:41:20 PM): i think it'll just go to whatever wins best picture

shane (9:41:24 PM): i mean it could

shane (9:41:31 PM): but its gone to best picture every year for the last few years im pretty sure

shane (9:42:19 PM): i guess it hasnt always gone to best picture

\shane (9:42:26 PM): i bet it will go to inception then

shane (9:42:38 PM): or true grit

shane (9:42:48 PM): i bet true grit [INCORRECT]

shane (9:42:49 PM): but i want black swan

amy (9:42:58 PM): toy story three will win best animated pic [CORRECT]

shane (9:43:00 PM): if kings speech gets best picture i think it might get cinematography too [INCORRECT]

shane (9:43:06 PM): yeah it will [INCORRECT]

shane (9:43:10 PM): it would be great if it didnt

amy (9:43:38 PM): black swan wasnt nominated for art direction

shane (9:44:01 PM): lol

shane (9:44:08 PM): alice in wonderland will win it [CORRECT]

shane (9:44:08 PM): hahaha

shane (9:44:18 PM): wolfman should get makeup [CORRECT]

shane (9:44:44 PM): visual effects better fucking go to inception [CORRECT]

amy (9:45:23 PM): what if darren aronofskys scarf won best direction?

amy (9:45:57 PM): haha who will win best documentary

amy (9:46:08 PM): it wont be exist through the gift shoppe [CORRECT]

amy (9:46:28 PM): itll be something about a war [INCORRECT]

shane (9:46:33 PM): lol

amy (9:47:06 PM): ok ill keep doing my Pre-Dicks

amy (9:47:14 PM): best foreign film will be

amy (9:47:19 PM): in a better world [CORRECT]

amy (9:47:47 PM): ttrent reznor will get score [CORRECT]

amy (9:49:02 PM): adapted will be sorkin like u sayd [CORRECT]

shane (9:49:19 PM): hahahah

amy (9:49:36 PM): original screenplay?

amy (9:49:48 PM): weird nominees kinda

shane (9:50:00 PM): kings speech [CORRECT]

amy (9:50:01 PM): i htnk maybe chris Nolan [INCORRECT]

shane (9:50:07 PM): nooo way [CORRECT]

shane (9:50:12 PM): kings speech [CORRECT]

amy (9:50:25 PM): because maybe theyll be like aww im sorry you didnt get nominated for being a director

shane (9:50:27 PM): if we're saying best picture is between kings speech and social network [CORRECT]

shane (9:50:33 PM): its definitely gonna get screenplay

shane (9:50:42 PM): i mean

shane (9:50:44 PM): thats my prediction

amy (9:50:44 PM): hey man im making my predickshuns

shane (9:50:47 PM): you can have yours

shane (9:50:47 PM): yeah sorry

amy (9:51:01 PM): i bet thatll be the only one i get wrong [INCORRECT]

shane (9:51:12 PM): hahah

amy (9:51:12 PM): but i hope its not

shane (9:51:20 PM): yeah hopefully you’ll get a lot wrong

Best Dressed @ Oskars

I was gonna do a list of the best dressed at the Oscars but, Cate Blanchett in Givenchy out-shined everyone in the world tonight.

Friday, February 11, 2011


The Faces

Fashion Month Comenceth! Now, you're gonna have to wait until march for my favorite collections photoshopses. but i thought i'd kick it off by documenting my favorite relatively new models for this season.
*This is my first time putting words in my photoshops... its messy
I know that nobody cares about this but me (and barely) but i like to have things like this written down. For posterity.

Romanian Road Trip

You may have not been aware that you wanted to go on a Romanian road trip