Friday, May 28, 2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

LOST memories scrapbook

Amy (9:11:49 PM): im into lost now :/
Julia (9:12:14 PM): oh
Amy(9:12:27 PM): last night i watched the first episode at like 4 am and not im on episode 9
Julia (9:12:36 PM): mann
Julia (9:12:40 PM): that's too bad
Amy (9:12:49 PM): its a good show though!
Julia (9:20:08 PM): dude
Julia (9:20:19 PM): there is a new disney movie that looks old?

Shane (2:36:15 AM): hows the pilot
Amy (2:36:22 AM): im alittle confused
Shane (2:36:25 AM): haha why
Amy (2:36:33 AM): they are all just running around by the plane thats blowing up
Amy (2:36:39 AM): why not..move away from it

Shane (12:56:32 AM): its weird thinking about the show title "Lost"
Shane (12:56:38 AM): like look at it
Shane (12:56:39 AM): its weird
Shane (12:56:43 AM): and say it
Shane (12:56:45 AM): how quaint
Amy (12:56:51 AM): you think about lost too much
Shane (12:56:57 AM): i really do

Shane (3:00:47 AM): is the locke one
Shane (3:00:51 AM): first
Amy (3:00:55 AM): the best one!?
Shane (3:00:59 AM): the first one
Amy(3:01:06 AM): what
Shane (3:01:14 AM): the first locke one
Shane (3:01:15 AM): im on 17
Amy (3:01:23 AM): season 17?

Shane (5:34:02 AM): suns gonna regret making kate think about pooping

Amy (2:56:15 AM): shes taking shoes off a dead guy
Amy (2:56:23 AM): there was a shoe hanging in the forest
Shane (2:56:36 AM): thats right there was

Amy (3:15:34 AM): im watchin the second episode this show is GREAT
Shane (3:15:39 AM): haha
Amy (3:15:44 AM): it got me JAZZED

Amy (4:34:58 PM): watching lost is liek reading a book
Amy (4:35:10 PM): that has different parts
Amy (4:35:20 PM): and you have favorite parts
Shane (4:35:21 PM): how so
Amy (4:35:49 PM): uhh i dont kpohh h h h n no oo odiiddeeaddddd ehwhwahhttttT?

Amy (1:40:54 AM): will lost raise my ACT score?

Amy(2:40:26 AM): aww noo its michelle rodriguez
Amy (2:40:38 AM): rodrigrosss
Shane (12:08:05 AM): ana lucia
Shane (12:08:18 AM): i started to like you when you and sawyer boned, then you got shot
Amy (12:08:59 AM): you have to have sawyer give you the go ahead to like a girl on lost

Amy (5:36:52 PM): wheres the huge light coming from
Shane (5:37:01 PM): desmonds boner

Shane (12:10:39 AM): "look who's back, dr wizard!"
Shane (12:10:40 AM): --sawyer
Shane (12:10:48 AM): "ii think its mr wizard"--miles

Amy (5:54:41 PM): i was worried this show wouldnt have a climbing through ventalation system scene

Amy (8:38:51 PM): the others are terrorizing the tail surviors but not teh fron end survivors
Amy (8:40:30 PM): sun isdestroying her beautiful garden
Amy (8:41:12 PM): locke is here to squint at her

Shane (4:46:26 AM): man lost is being mean to charlie
Shane (4:46:36 AM): playing whimsical hawaiian music while he embarasses himself
Shane (4:46:42 AM): when hes going thru withdrawal
Shane (4:46:45 AM): that was mean, lost

Amy (11:06:13 PM): aw no bens spanking sawyer
Amy (11:06:15 PM): hahah
Amy (11:06:19 PM): lost
Amy (11:06:32 PM): i thought i was talking to shane sorry pretnd ypu nevver sawww that
Julia(11:06:33 PM): whhhhhhhhhat the duck

Amy (12:32:17 AM): god kate belongs on the L word i hate her

Shane (11:45:21 PM): the most unbelievable thing on lost for me
Shane (11:45:34 PM): was making sayid a super spy assassin

Amy (11:45:57 PM): is richard the only slave?
Shane (11:46:07 PM): i doubt it
Shane (11:46:11 PM): slave ship with one slave

Amy (12:21:05 AM): they can eat boone after he dies!

Shane (11:52:51 PM): richard alpert is a beautiful man

Shane (7:24:16 PM): jack climbing into hell
Shane (7:24:19 PM): then he gets shot in the head
Shane (7:24:21 PM): camera whips around
Shane (7:24:24 PM): aand rousseau has a shotgun
Shane (7:24:25 PM): LOST

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