Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Shane (4:07:49 PM): wowzers!
Shane (4:07:55 PM): hahasorry
Shane (4:07:59 PM): sorry for saying that

Julia (1:34:41 AM): now their plane is crashing
Julia (1:34:44 AM): this is alll tooomuch
Amy (1:34:53 AM): heyyy i havent seen this movie
Julia (1:34:58 AM): SORRY!
Julia (1:34:59 AM): omgmm
Julia (1:35:00 AM): sorry
Julia (1:35:01 AM): sorrr
Amy (1:35:03 AM): itsok
Julia (1:35:05 AM): I feel terrible now
Julia (1:35:11 AM): I need to shut my mouth
Julia (1:35:15 AM): Sorry
Amy (1:36:01 AM): you dont have to feel terrible, thats silly

Shane (2:26:42 AM): haah yeah you slut
Amy (2:26:52 AM): : {
Shane (2:27:24 AM): hhaha sorry!!!
Shane (2:27:26 AM): honestly though

7:56:14 PM Shane : you need to go to school and talk to real people instead of reading about them on the internet
7:56:20 PM Shane : REAL TALK
7:56:21 PM Amy: that was harsh
7:56:21 PM Shane: hahah
7:56:22 PM Shane : sorry

Amy (9:29:37 PM): it;s like a hidden camera view
Amy (9:29:41 PM): on how your diffeant
Shane (9:29:53 PM): my diffeant
Shane (9:30:01 PM): amy
Amy (9:30:01 PM): ohmygosh IM SO SORRY
Shane (9:30:06 PM): please shut the fuck up
Shane (9:30:08 PM): DIFFEANT
Amy (9:30:11 PM): i shoud be expected to contract perfectly
Shane (9:30:13 PM): LEARN TO TYPE
Amy (9:30:15 PM): and type
Shane (9:30:15 PM): HAhahahaha
Amy (9:30:17 PM): an spel
Shane (9:30:18 PM): fuck you
Shane (9:30:24 PM): asshole

Julia (1:04:59 AM): and why is my computer ringing
Amy (1:05:01 AM): that was an accident
Amy (1:05:04 AM): sorry

Shane (10:57:52 PM): fagf
Shane (10:57:55 PM): take care
Shane (10:57:58 PM): not fagf
Shane (10:58:00 PM): i meant to say
Shane (10:58:03 PM): pal
Shane (10:58:08 PM): typo sorry

Shane (7:02:26 PM): i have to go you cunt bye
Shane signed off at 7:02:30 PM
Shane signed on at 7:02:30 PM
Shane (7:02:40 PM): sorry about the whole cunt thing
Shane (7:02:42 PM): bye
Shane signed off at 7:02:45 PM

Amy (3:55:01 PM): i was thinking she was a different one
Shane(3:55:26 PM): sorry i overreacted

Julia (10:13:26 AM): I'm going to end up wearing dance pants.....
Julia (10:13:40 AM): sorry

Amy (1:38:42 AM): im sorry
Amy (1:38:53 AM): oh fuck
Amy (1:38:54 AM): i said sorry
Shane (1:38:57 AM): ghaha
Shane (1:39:01 AM): no thats an appropriate sorry
Amy (1:39:07 AM): yeah...
Shane (1:39:10 AM): i dont like you apologizing when i yell at you because when do i ever mean it
Amy (1:39:28 AM): but im never really sorry either

big league play

Monday, June 29, 2009

sup bra

pantslessness is over
now we got no time for shirts

Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm still thinking about michael jackson, OK?
it reminded me how much i love when SUPERSTARS all get together and sing a SUPERSONG

Thursday, June 25, 2009

imaginary playdates with celebrities

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Shane (1:52:50 AM):im watching this
Amy (1:52:58 AM):hahaha
Shane(1:53:49 AM):this one is good too
Shane (1:54:15 AM):what a talented little fellow, that gary coleman
Amy (1:54:19 AM):haha
Amy (1:54:37 AM):man
Amy (1:54:38 AM):its weird
Amy (1:54:44 AM):i know people say it all the time
Amy (1:54:47 AM):but what MJ turned into
Shane (1:54:57 AM):he should have stayed 11
Amy (1:55:00 AM):yeah
Amy (1:55:04 AM):he should have
Shane (1:55:05 AM):or maybe that was the problem
Amy (1:55:12 AM):do you think he molested kids?
Amy (1:55:24 AM):its weird that child molesters were once children
Shane (1:55:27 AM):hahaa
Shane (1:55:29 AM):id ont know
Shane (1:55:32 AM):maybe?
Amy (1:55:35 AM):make a judgement
Shane (1:55:40 AM):i rememberthat the trial ended
Shane (1:55:47 AM):and then
Shane (1:55:49 AM):the pope died
Amy (1:55:56 AM):hahahaha thats a good point
Shane(1:55:59 AM):hahaha
Shane (1:56:04 AM):either he died from shame from Michael Jackson getting away for it
Shane (1:56:19 AM):or he was just staying alive long enough to protect MJ
Shane (1:57:11 AM):wait the pope died first
Shane (1:57:12 AM):shit
Shane (1:57:18 AM):so i have to come up with a new theory
Shane (1:57:25 AM):the pope died so MJ got away with it
Amy (1:57:36 AM):haha the pope went to heaven
Amy (1:57:39 AM):to halp him out
Shane (1:57:42 AM):hahah
Shane (1:58:45 AM):satisfactual is not a word
Amy (1:58:57 AM):really?

Four Decades of Fame

in case today becomes a "where were you when" moment in pop culture:
Before i left the house today at i read that TMZ was reporting Micheal Jackson had suffered a heart attack.
At 5:10 in my car the radio told me he was rumored to have died.
By the time i reached my destination he was being spoken about in the past tense.
i wondered around Barnes & Noble.
i heard one woman say to her husband "there have been some sketchy news reports..." but i couldn't hear the rest.
i looked at some Jackson 5 CDs and then bought a magazine.

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nice things?

i feel okay with crop tops:

though, for what ever reason this will probably be seen and ridiculed as a hipster trend. (see: american apparel already has quite a few options)

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