Thursday, June 25, 2009

imaginary playdates with celebrities

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Shane (1:52:50 AM):im watching this
Amy (1:52:58 AM):hahaha
Shane(1:53:49 AM):this one is good too
Shane (1:54:15 AM):what a talented little fellow, that gary coleman
Amy (1:54:19 AM):haha
Amy (1:54:37 AM):man
Amy (1:54:38 AM):its weird
Amy (1:54:44 AM):i know people say it all the time
Amy (1:54:47 AM):but what MJ turned into
Shane (1:54:57 AM):he should have stayed 11
Amy (1:55:00 AM):yeah
Amy (1:55:04 AM):he should have
Shane (1:55:05 AM):or maybe that was the problem
Amy (1:55:12 AM):do you think he molested kids?
Amy (1:55:24 AM):its weird that child molesters were once children
Shane (1:55:27 AM):hahaa
Shane (1:55:29 AM):id ont know
Shane (1:55:32 AM):maybe?
Amy (1:55:35 AM):make a judgement
Shane (1:55:40 AM):i rememberthat the trial ended
Shane (1:55:47 AM):and then
Shane (1:55:49 AM):the pope died
Amy (1:55:56 AM):hahahaha thats a good point
Shane(1:55:59 AM):hahaha
Shane (1:56:04 AM):either he died from shame from Michael Jackson getting away for it
Shane (1:56:19 AM):or he was just staying alive long enough to protect MJ
Shane (1:57:11 AM):wait the pope died first
Shane (1:57:12 AM):shit
Shane (1:57:18 AM):so i have to come up with a new theory
Shane (1:57:25 AM):the pope died so MJ got away with it
Amy (1:57:36 AM):haha the pope went to heaven
Amy (1:57:39 AM):to halp him out
Shane (1:57:42 AM):hahah
Shane (1:58:45 AM):satisfactual is not a word
Amy (1:58:57 AM):really?

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