Saturday, March 3, 2012

รจ solo un arrivederci

Monday will be Stefano Pilati's last show at YSL. huge bummer IMO. A man who had to follow not only Saint Laurent himself, but Tom Ford. He's had replacement rumors since the very beginning, but he still created beautiful collections for YSL without all the bullshit or hype of some other houses. Underrated, for sure. Now his departure is even overshadowed by Raf leaving Jil Sander. and then to be replaced by Hedi Slimane? who knows man.

so whats next? Dior? Please?

"When people enter our store they imagine cashmeres, silk cravats, shirts in crepe de chine, crocodile shoes. Obviously, we make them, but it’s like hitting myself in the balls. I have 800 cashmere coats and 900 silk cravats. My point is, your work can’t just be a selfish journey. You’re working for a brand, not your brand. You have to adapt. I like to let myself go with some ideas, but you have to have the rest of the company on board with you and deal with those dickheads who are only businessmen—the ones who ruined fashion, people who move from Danone to YSL like it’s the most natural transition in the world. "

"Let’s not forget that we aren’t pure creators with rich boyfriends who fund our work and take our hands to lead us along while we do whatever we want. We work for corporations, with hundreds of people who go home at 2 AM on the subway, not with drivers. There are whole factories full of people who create our stuff, and in a way there is a public media system that puts us at the center of it all, a system for which we are the face of an entire corporation. You have to come to terms with your responsibility and choices."

From his recent VICE interview