Thursday, March 31, 2011

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2011

Cat's Pajamas

If there was a shoe of the season it would be the bedroom slipper.

and if the shoe of the season had an ultimate it would be from The Row.

I think i'd like some in ponyhair. but even the ones from topshop are tooo expensive. the others are Del Toro and Stubbs&Wootton btw

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Julia's Exciting Life

Julia (12:44:59 PM): ommmmmg PIZZA

Julia (12:45:03 PM): pizzza commercial.

Julia (9:48:42 PM): ommmmmgkillmeknow

Julia (9:48:53 PM): aaron is trynna be all like "you should at least try"

Amy (9:48:59 PM): about.. what?

Julia (9:49:04 PM): doing homework and shit

Julia (10:51:23 PM): ommmmmmmg

Julia (10:51:28 PM): just put lotion on my hands

Julia (10:52:52 PM): ommmmmmmg

Julia (10:52:55 PM): such bad letters on scrabble

Julia (12:37:11 AM): zommmg

Julia (12:37:17 AM): spillin kix all over my bed

Julia (12:10:59 AM): ommmmmmmmg

Julia (12:11:02 AM): i'm going nuts

Julia (12:11:11 AM): i keep hearing shit outside!

Julia (1:04:10 AM): zommmmmmmg

Julia (1:04:18 AM): WHO THE FUCK leaves 3 ritz crackers in abox

Julia (6:42:07 PM): ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgflufffiestkittenever

Julia (8:43:09 PM): ommmmmmmmg

Julia (8:43:14 PM): i think my facebook is about to get so good

Julia (12:23:16 AM): ommmmmmmg

Julia (12:23:24 AM): this weather is so scary

Julia (12:38:32 AM): ommmmmmg

Julia (12:38:35 AM): wtttttttttffffffffffffffff

Julia (12:38:43 AM): internet is brokeeee

Amy (7:35:07 PM): barrett and shane and some fags are going

Amy (7:35:12 PM): and we were invitationed

Julia (7:35:27 PM): we were invitationed??

Amy (7:35:32 PM): yeaah

Julia (7:35:35 PM): R U.......serious?

Amy (7:35:44 PM): super serious

Julia (7:35:45 PM): omg

Julia (7:35:47 PM): omgomgomg

Julia (7:35:50 PM): ohhh my god

Julia (7:35:55 PM): I thnk this meeans we're cool

Julia (7:35:56 PM): omg

Julia (7:35:58 PM): omg!

Amy (7:36:03 PM): :-) :-)

Julia (7:36:04 PM): I can't believe they want to hang out with us

Julia (7:36:15 PM): what are we going to wear?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

my photoshop was much better

From the march issue of US VOGUE. I guess Ms. Wintour has been reading my blog. (they probably had to switch Kidman with Julianne due to endorsement deals or something like that, you know the industry)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

who are we telling off these days?

Shane (12:56:10 AM): goddamnit fuck you film school

Amy (12:56:51 AM): man fuck being dizzy
Shane (12:56:54 AM): haha
Amy (12:57:18 AM): its the stupidest problem

Amy (8:26:53 PM): He was then found without vital signs, naked in his bed, by his house keeper and masseuse
Shane (8:27:12 PM): Heath ledger?
Shane (8:27:14 PM): oh man
Amy (8:27:23 PM): no this other guy
Shane (8:27:29 PM): oh
Shane (8:27:30 PM): haha
Amy (8:27:36 PM): of course heath ledger
Shane (8:27:43 PM): FUCK YOU

Amy (11:32:59 PM):man fuck you for making me remember how much i didnt like wall-e
Shane (11:33:11 PM): haha fuck you for hating fun and jeff garlin

Amy (8:10:56 PM): hahah what did you say to him?
Shane (8:11:00 PM): i said "have fun"
Shane (8:11:06 PM): almost said "fuck off traitor"
Shane (8:14:07 PM): okay gotta go shop while i seethe with rage

Amy (5:15:06 PM): do u think im a little baby?
Julia (5:15:12 PM): totally
Amy (5:15:16 PM): well fuck you!!!!!!
Amy (5:15:19 PM): waaaah
Julia (5:15:22 PM): like maaaaaaybe toppin out at 2 years old

Shane (10:22:31 PM): i dont give a fuck about graduating

Amy (4:01:43 AM): fuck your pool parties

Amy (3:29:37 AM): you should be a film critic
Amy (3:29:45 AM): and just write asinine shit like that
Shane (3:29:51 AM): hhahahhahah
Shane (3:29:54 AM): fuck you
Shane (3:30:02 AM): (i said both of those things oujtloud)
Shane (3:30:12 AM): it wasnt like a dismissive "fuck you"
Shane (3:30:20 AM): it was like "hahaha fuuuck youhaha"
Shane (3:30:25 AM): sorta like i was falling off a cliff

Amy (2:04:14 AM): was freddie highmore in lord of the rings
Shane (2:06:52 AM): hahah fuck you of course not

Shane (1:33:03 PM): fuck religion goddamnit
Amy (1:33:27 PM): do you have your laptop or are you on a school computer
Amy (1:33:32 PM): saying such awful things

Shane (8:01:46 PM): i want you to be surprised
Amy (8:01:56 PM): ok fine like im ever gonna watch it hell no fuck you

Amy (1:56:23 PM): i just made an edd mcmuffin
Julia (1:57:18 PM): YOU ATE EDD?
Julia (1:57:21 PM): OH FUCK YOU
Julia (1:57:25 PM): ED WAS MY NEIGHBOR
Julia (1:57:29 PM): I LIKED THAT GUY

Shane (3:31:01 AM): GOSH THEY MAKE ME MAD
Shane (3:31:10 AM): fuck me? GIRL FUCK YOUUU

Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

New York Fashion Week Fall 2011

This season I looked through about (or exactly) 324 shows- that's nearly 10,000 individual 'looks'.
A little over two hundred of those looks were favorites of mine and i am going to share them ALL with you. i am also going to post my top collections of the season, but first is the most hefty bunch from New York:
Plz click for fullsize beauty. This was a pain in the ass and I plan to do four more!
thanks to Shane for uploading it i guess! Also note that looks from collections in my top five are not included in this picture as they will get their own very special posts. this is important stuff, guys.