Tuesday, March 15, 2011

who are we telling off these days?

Shane (12:56:10 AM): goddamnit fuck you film school

Amy (12:56:51 AM): man fuck being dizzy
Shane (12:56:54 AM): haha
Amy (12:57:18 AM): its the stupidest problem

Amy (8:26:53 PM): He was then found without vital signs, naked in his bed, by his house keeper and masseuse
Shane (8:27:12 PM): Heath ledger?
Shane (8:27:14 PM): oh man
Amy (8:27:23 PM): no this other guy
Shane (8:27:29 PM): oh
Shane (8:27:30 PM): haha
Amy (8:27:36 PM): of course heath ledger
Shane (8:27:43 PM): FUCK YOU

Amy (11:32:59 PM):man fuck you for making me remember how much i didnt like wall-e
Shane (11:33:11 PM): haha fuck you for hating fun and jeff garlin

Amy (8:10:56 PM): hahah what did you say to him?
Shane (8:11:00 PM): i said "have fun"
Shane (8:11:06 PM): almost said "fuck off traitor"
Shane (8:14:07 PM): okay gotta go shop while i seethe with rage

Amy (5:15:06 PM): do u think im a little baby?
Julia (5:15:12 PM): totally
Amy (5:15:16 PM): well fuck you!!!!!!
Amy (5:15:19 PM): waaaah
Julia (5:15:22 PM): like maaaaaaybe toppin out at 2 years old

Shane (10:22:31 PM): i dont give a fuck about graduating

Amy (4:01:43 AM): fuck your pool parties

Amy (3:29:37 AM): you should be a film critic
Amy (3:29:45 AM): and just write asinine shit like that
Shane (3:29:51 AM): hhahahhahah
Shane (3:29:54 AM): fuck you
Shane (3:30:02 AM): (i said both of those things oujtloud)
Shane (3:30:12 AM): it wasnt like a dismissive "fuck you"
Shane (3:30:20 AM): it was like "hahaha fuuuck youhaha"
Shane (3:30:25 AM): sorta like i was falling off a cliff

Amy (2:04:14 AM): was freddie highmore in lord of the rings
Shane (2:06:52 AM): hahah fuck you of course not

Shane (1:33:03 PM): fuck religion goddamnit
Amy (1:33:27 PM): do you have your laptop or are you on a school computer
Amy (1:33:32 PM): saying such awful things

Shane (8:01:46 PM): i want you to be surprised
Amy (8:01:56 PM): ok fine like im ever gonna watch it hell no fuck you

Amy (1:56:23 PM): i just made an edd mcmuffin
Julia (1:57:18 PM): YOU ATE EDD?
Julia (1:57:21 PM): OH FUCK YOU
Julia (1:57:25 PM): ED WAS MY NEIGHBOR
Julia (1:57:29 PM): I LIKED THAT GUY

Shane (3:31:01 AM): GOSH THEY MAKE ME MAD
Shane (3:31:10 AM): fuck me? GIRL FUCK YOUUU

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