Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Julia's Exciting Life

Julia (12:44:59 PM): ommmmmg PIZZA

Julia (12:45:03 PM): pizzza commercial.

Julia (9:48:42 PM): ommmmmgkillmeknow

Julia (9:48:53 PM): aaron is trynna be all like "you should at least try"

Amy (9:48:59 PM): about.. what?

Julia (9:49:04 PM): doing homework and shit

Julia (10:51:23 PM): ommmmmmmg

Julia (10:51:28 PM): just put lotion on my hands

Julia (10:52:52 PM): ommmmmmmg

Julia (10:52:55 PM): such bad letters on scrabble

Julia (12:37:11 AM): zommmg

Julia (12:37:17 AM): spillin kix all over my bed

Julia (12:10:59 AM): ommmmmmmmg

Julia (12:11:02 AM): i'm going nuts

Julia (12:11:11 AM): i keep hearing shit outside!

Julia (1:04:10 AM): zommmmmmmg

Julia (1:04:18 AM): WHO THE FUCK leaves 3 ritz crackers in abox

Julia (6:42:07 PM): ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgflufffiestkittenever

Julia (8:43:09 PM): ommmmmmmmg

Julia (8:43:14 PM): i think my facebook is about to get so good

Julia (12:23:16 AM): ommmmmmmg

Julia (12:23:24 AM): this weather is so scary

Julia (12:38:32 AM): ommmmmmg

Julia (12:38:35 AM): wtttttttttffffffffffffffff

Julia (12:38:43 AM): internet is brokeeee

Amy (7:35:07 PM): barrett and shane and some fags are going

Amy (7:35:12 PM): and we were invitationed

Julia (7:35:27 PM): we were invitationed??

Amy (7:35:32 PM): yeaah

Julia (7:35:35 PM): R U.......serious?

Amy (7:35:44 PM): super serious

Julia (7:35:45 PM): omg

Julia (7:35:47 PM): omgomgomg

Julia (7:35:50 PM): ohhh my god

Julia (7:35:55 PM): I thnk this meeans we're cool

Julia (7:35:56 PM): omg

Julia (7:35:58 PM): omg!

Amy (7:36:03 PM): :-) :-)

Julia (7:36:04 PM): I can't believe they want to hang out with us

Julia (7:36:15 PM): what are we going to wear?

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