Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Shane (4:07:49 PM): wowzers!
Shane (4:07:55 PM): hahasorry
Shane (4:07:59 PM): sorry for saying that

Julia (1:34:41 AM): now their plane is crashing
Julia (1:34:44 AM): this is alll tooomuch
Amy (1:34:53 AM): heyyy i havent seen this movie
Julia (1:34:58 AM): SORRY!
Julia (1:34:59 AM): omgmm
Julia (1:35:00 AM): sorry
Julia (1:35:01 AM): sorrr
Amy (1:35:03 AM): itsok
Julia (1:35:05 AM): I feel terrible now
Julia (1:35:11 AM): I need to shut my mouth
Julia (1:35:15 AM): Sorry
Amy (1:36:01 AM): you dont have to feel terrible, thats silly

Shane (2:26:42 AM): haah yeah you slut
Amy (2:26:52 AM): : {
Shane (2:27:24 AM): hhaha sorry!!!
Shane (2:27:26 AM): honestly though

7:56:14 PM Shane : you need to go to school and talk to real people instead of reading about them on the internet
7:56:20 PM Shane : REAL TALK
7:56:21 PM Amy: that was harsh
7:56:21 PM Shane: hahah
7:56:22 PM Shane : sorry

Amy (9:29:37 PM): it;s like a hidden camera view
Amy (9:29:41 PM): on how your diffeant
Shane (9:29:53 PM): my diffeant
Shane (9:30:01 PM): amy
Amy (9:30:01 PM): ohmygosh IM SO SORRY
Shane (9:30:06 PM): please shut the fuck up
Shane (9:30:08 PM): DIFFEANT
Amy (9:30:11 PM): i shoud be expected to contract perfectly
Shane (9:30:13 PM): LEARN TO TYPE
Amy (9:30:15 PM): and type
Shane (9:30:15 PM): HAhahahaha
Amy (9:30:17 PM): an spel
Shane (9:30:18 PM): fuck you
Shane (9:30:24 PM): asshole

Julia (1:04:59 AM): and why is my computer ringing
Amy (1:05:01 AM): that was an accident
Amy (1:05:04 AM): sorry

Shane (10:57:52 PM): fagf
Shane (10:57:55 PM): take care
Shane (10:57:58 PM): not fagf
Shane (10:58:00 PM): i meant to say
Shane (10:58:03 PM): pal
Shane (10:58:08 PM): typo sorry

Shane (7:02:26 PM): i have to go you cunt bye
Shane signed off at 7:02:30 PM
Shane signed on at 7:02:30 PM
Shane (7:02:40 PM): sorry about the whole cunt thing
Shane (7:02:42 PM): bye
Shane signed off at 7:02:45 PM

Amy (3:55:01 PM): i was thinking she was a different one
Shane(3:55:26 PM): sorry i overreacted

Julia (10:13:26 AM): I'm going to end up wearing dance pants.....
Julia (10:13:40 AM): sorry

Amy (1:38:42 AM): im sorry
Amy (1:38:53 AM): oh fuck
Amy (1:38:54 AM): i said sorry
Shane (1:38:57 AM): ghaha
Shane (1:39:01 AM): no thats an appropriate sorry
Amy (1:39:07 AM): yeah...
Shane (1:39:10 AM): i dont like you apologizing when i yell at you because when do i ever mean it
Amy (1:39:28 AM): but im never really sorry either

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