Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My dear acquaintance, it's so good to know you

It's time to bid farewell to 2008.

The International Year of the Frog.
The 2008 Summer Olympics
The United States presidential election
Northwest Airlines
Extreme pornography in the UK
Heath Ledger
Yves Saint Laurent
Bernie Mac
Isaac Hayes
Paul Newman
Bettie Page
Eartha Kitt
Analog television

International Year of Natural Fibres.
Barack Obama and Joe Biden
same-sex marriage in Norway
81st Academy Awards
World Trade Center Tower 5
The Sims 3

Happy New Year

(1:10:59 PM): his parents are gonna be gone
(1:11:00 PM): and he said
Shane (1:11:04 PM): "What would you be willing to do if you know what I mean"
Shane (1:11:10 PM): and i replied, simply, elegantly:
Shane (1:11:12 PM): "Anal"

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