Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Good Old FYI

hey reader!
i have recently decided to boycott Urban Outfitters.

i am not a chump.

i am not going to buy some anti-war, hippie shirt and give my money to Richard Hayne:
"Hayne himself is an ardent Republican. He is a financial supporter of arch conservative Sen. Rick Santorum, whose recent comments about homosexuals equated gay sex with incest and bestiality... which cites a $4,650 contribution from Urban Outfitters"
i am not going to buy a 'free tibet' shirt
"Most of the clothing hanging in an Urban Outfitters store and you'll find that many say "MADE IN TURKEY," "MADE IN INDIA" or "MADE IN SRI LANKA. 'Yes, says Hayne, nearly all of Urban Outfitters' apparel is manufactured in Third World sewing shops' "

i am not going to buy some played-out kitschy balonnnney for 40 dollars when i could buy a higher quality ugly shirt for 4 dollah at my local Savers.
BUT, If i had the cash to drop on said played-out kitschy balonnnney i sure as fuck would not.
because if i had mad dough and spent it on urban outfitters clothes and not oscar de la renta i should be shot,


source for hayne things (Philadelphia weekly)

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you GO girl!!!!!!111