Monday, May 4, 2009

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Because Barrett said she wanted more words on my blog, i decided to get some thoughts up in here.
the met costume institute gala is tonight and i thought i'd let you know how i feel about what i've seen so far.

Leighton Meester: Personally, i fucking love this. except her hair color is bothering me. and the shoulders look asymmetrical in this photo. Molly Sims in Dolce&Gabanna: i guess its kind o' similar to leightons structuarly, i also really like this. BAJEWEL'D IS IN
Madonna in Louis Vuttion: I'm guessing tomorrow people will have a lot to say about it. the theme or whatevez of the gala is "model as a muse" and uh.. i just dont think... madonna is a great model for this look...
Kristen Dunst in Chanel: I really like this! But i dont really know what to say. its dreamy.
Kate Bosworth in Stella McCartney: I like this but part of me wonders if the old hollywood glama red red lips and pin curls is getting a little overdone lately as far as red carpets are concerned. But i love the lace on the back!
Katy Perry: fuck you
John Galliano and Marion Cotillard in Dior: i love that pink color and i would never argue with John Galliano so we'll leave it at that.
Emma Roberts in Versace: hey, what are you doing here? ..this dress looks like one made on Project Runway with blue plastic cups. i can't remeber who's it was though.. i think i liked that one more.
Jessica Stam In Rodarte: lof it

Diane Kruger in Chanel: sooperdooper cute.
Blake Lively in Versace: not feelin the leg or the sleeve(?) all to much here. or the shoes even.
Stella McCartney: Yes.
Zac Posen and Helena Christensen in Zac Posen: I do like the dress, like in madonnas case i just dont know about Helena Christensen in it. lookin a little like a fruit leather. and Zac just lookin like a fruit (in a good way!!)
Kate Beckinsale in Marchesa: i love ostrich feathers (but, i dont know what that is..) and the cut of the top. i feel like i'd like it better if her head was cut off. something about it bothers me.

in conclusion! when it comes to fashion, i'm a lover not a fighter.
i don't really like to criticize what people are wearing, because i know its just a matter of taste, like music.
I also try not to take any sort of stand against any brand or style of clothing.
I know tomorrow there is gonna be a ton of annoying comments and criticism about everything.
end thoughts!

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