Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Tale Of Caution

Amy (4:16:12 AM): oh my god
Amy (4:16:18 AM): my ipod
Amy (4:16:20 AM): something
Amy (4:16:25 AM): something horrible happened
Shane (4:16:33 AM): oh no
Amy(4:16:55 AM): this is nooo good
Amy (4:17:02 AM): hahah
Amy (4:18:21 AM): my computer says
Amy (4:19:01 AM): go to the summary tab in ipod prefences and click restore this ipod ot factory settings
Shane (4:19:07 AM): do that
Amy (4:19:13 AM): how?
Amy (4:19:14 AM): HOW
Shane (4:19:20 AM): can you see your ipod in itunes
Shane (4:20:11 AM): go to the summary tab
Shane (4:20:14 AM): and click restore
Amy (4:20:34 AM): ok
Amy (4:20:37 AM): im doing that
Amy (4:20:46 AM): it mentioned something about erasing all of my data
Amy(4:20:57 AM): is it gonna erase all my data?

Amy (4:24:31 AM): i cant believe this
Amy (4:24:34 AM): nothing
Amy (4:24:38 AM): there is nothing on my ipod
"Shane" (4:24:39 AM): wut
"Shane" (4:24:46 AM): yout riee the ripper
Amy (4:24:52 AM): i cnat steal somethign that not there
"Shane" (4:24:59 AM): you tried the ripper.
"Shane" (4:25:04 AM): did you try the ripper.
"Shane" (4:25:13 AM): because dont talk like you know waht youre talking about
"Shane" (4:25:26 AM): you ipod didnt just erase itself
"Shane" (4:25:31 AM): its just corrupted
Amy (4:25:35 AM): i just told it to
Amyz (4:25:38 AM): you tld me to
"Shane" (4:25:44 AM): did you say YES?
Amy (4:25:48 AM): YES
"Shane" (4:25:50 AM): why the fuck did you do that??
"Shane" (4:26:01 AM): why would you ask me about the erasing music thing after the fact??
"Shane" (4:26:03 AM): ohhh ammmyyyy
Amy (4:26:07 AM): what
Amy (4:26:10 AM): what happened
Amy (4:26:15 AM): you told me to
Amy (4:26:44 AM): oh my god
"Shane" (4:26:48 AM): you fucked up
Amy (4:26:57 AM): you fucked up my ipod
"Shane" (4:27:01 AM): hahahah fuck you

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