Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Devil May Care

one of my favorite hip trends "SPACE" has finally shown up properly on some items of clothing

however unfortunantly the biggest clue to me that something is growing in hipness is how i feel about it.
Is that a conceded thing to say? I actually think its a bit self-deprecating. i'm like a canary in a hipster coalmine. either i naturally evolve with culture or i am subconsciously being fed new ideas. The obvious reason why anyone would brainwash me is so i will keep consuming.
however...a weird trend i mentioned early august got me thinking that there could be much more sinister intentions.

i was totally wtfing over the equilateral triangles thing. so i did a bit of research. i began to connect it to the sort of hipster romanticizing or fetishizing of skinheads/germanophilia/metalheads. Specifically heavy metal culture and its connections to the occult and satanism (i'm thinking upsidedown crosses and pentagrams).
my very important googling gave me some insight:

"Thaumaturgic Triangle - Used for magical purposes in casting of spells and the summoning of demons. Found near ritual sites."..."The triangle is used as a door and the circle as a boundary of power. Some Satanists admit doing away with the circle in hopes of being possessed."

See now my mind grapes are really being crushed with ideas. could it be that hipsters are being possessed by demons? It seemed so obvious......but, maybe thats unfair. i mean triangles are fucking everywhere. i thought it'd be responsible do a little more research before i declared this sorta thing so i looked 'possessed' up in a thesaurus. "bedeviled, consumed, crazed, cursed, demented, enchanted, enthralled, fiendish, fascinated, gaga about-" i stopped there.
i was immediately reminded of a silly article i had skimmed a couple days before: Lady GaGa, The Illuminati Puppet

Lady GaGa isnt exactly a hipster icon, but shes also not the only pop artist popularizing being possessed of the devil! Shakira's 'She Wolf', Beyonce's Sasha Fierce's 'Sweet Dreams', and Rihanna's 'Disturbia' all share a fresh, hip, occult theme.
i suggest you dont spend too much time at the Lady GaGa article's website. it will make you go "oh shiiiiiiiit" a lot. BUT I DIGRESS.
The point of this is another very important triangle! the fucking All Seeing Eye:
Sometimes seen as the eye of god watching over his people, other times seen as the eye of lucifer all being in control of the world finances i found a lot of different ideas about this guy, but didnt get any real conclusive anwers because
A. its all bullshit, and

B. several websites scared the shit out of me and i left

So we are all probably being possessed by the devil and letting demons into our world whilst shopping at Urban Outfitters, listening to any music, and coming in contact with American currency. :(

haha no! of course not that is silly. i think that history has shown that humankind moves through differant trends in art, music, clothes and general asthetics. sometimes things are new and fresh and other times they are recycled but if we didnt do this we wouldn't grow as a society or culture!...


full circle

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