Monday, November 2, 2009

The Evolution of GaGa

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Shane (2:27:31 AM): poker face has to be the worst song ever
Shane (2:28:54 AM):
fuck this weird looking wig wearing btch
Shane (2:29:02 AM):
(her hair cant be real right?)
Shane (2:29:09 AM):
( it looks like a FAKE )!
Shane (2:29:48 AM):
she looks like a heiroglyphic
Shane (2:30:43 AM):
did she say "I get him hard"
Shane (2:30:53 AM):
seriously she looks like a cher halloween costume

Amy (2:47:35 AM): fuck i like this
Shane (2:47:46 AM):
like what
Amy (2:48:03 AM):
Shane (2:48:08 AM):
i dont
Amy (2:48:20 AM):
good for you
Amy (2:48:23 AM):
you are above me

Amy (7:42:23 PM): i bought that lady gaga song : (
Shane (7:42:48 PM): hahafuckyou
Amy (12:43:42 AM): lady gaga is growing on me

Amy (12:26:09 AM): “The sound of applause from Lady Gaga fans is reminiscent of when someone is rubbing my clitoritis, so you might say that when I’m with my fans I’m having recurring similtaneous orgasm’s all night long.”-Lady Gaga
Shane(12:26:42 AM):
Shane (12:26:47 AM):
is that a disease
Amy (12:26:59 AM): when she said it in the video i saw
Amy (12:27:28 AM): it sounded like "clit-toar-ous" like a dinosaur

Amy (1:25:36 AM): i watched a lady gaga video in my dream last night

Amy (9:49:53 PM): lady gaga
Amy (9:50:02 PM):
is she playin a joke on the world
Amy (9:50:06 PM):
or is she so dumb?

Shane (11:16:29 PM):
just dance
Shane (11:16:31 PM): is in my head
Shane (11:16:32 PM):
Shane (2:01:15 AM): i feel
Shane (2:01:16 AM):
Shane (2:01:17 AM):
Shane (2:01:18 AM): gay
Shane (2:01:26 AM): ewith all this lady gaga goin through my head
Shane (2:01:49 AM): i know how i can fix it!
Shane(2:01:52 AM): lilyyyy

Shane(1:26:27 AM): i started singing aloud the "oh...oh-oh-ohhh oh" part of poker face
Shane (1:26:29 AM): this is TOO MUCH

Amy (12:21:02 AM): uh ok so im convinced lady gaga is an illuminati puppet

Shane (11:28:59 PM): ive always liked just dance
Shane (11:29:02 PM): hahahahahahaha
Amy (11:29:23 PM): i started to like lagy gaga around the time paparazzi came out
Shane (11:29:29 PM): lagy gaga
Shane (11:29:32 PM): also
Shane (11:29:44 PM): i totally like the black eye peas car commercial song

Shane (12:12:36 AM): love game
Amy (12:12:42 AM): discostiiick
Shane (12:12:50 AM): is this song worth gettin into
Shane (12:12:54 AM): its pretty gay
Amy (12:13:03 AM): its lady gaga.

Amy (10:42:18 PM): im listening to LadyGAGA
Shane (10:42:29 PM): yaaay
Shane (6:52:36 PM): downloaded the lady gaga album
Sunday, November 1st, 2009

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