Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amy (2:51:15 AM): want a little fun trick?
Shane (2:51:20 AM): yah
Amy (2:51:35 AM): draw a capital Q on your forehead with your finger
Amy (2:52:04 AM): did you do it?
Shane (2:52:20 AM): queer
Amy (2:52:25 AM): haha no
Shane (2:52:28 AM): i did
Amy (2:52:30 AM): ok! did you put the tail of the Q over your left or eight eye?
Amy (2:52:36 AM): right eye haha
Shane (2:52:37 AM): right
Amy (2:52:40 AM): me too
Amy (2:52:46 AM): i cant remember what it means

I still don't remember.

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