Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ride the kicks back up the layers

Amy (4:57:40 PM): my dream was set in future minneaolis
Amy (4:58:01 PM): but in stead of futuristic sciefiction type things it was like fantasy with like trolls and castles
Amy (4:58:40 PM): and i jumped into the a huge blue beautiful lake from the balcony of a huge grand room
Amy (4:58:51 PM): and there was a big red polka dotted whale

Shane (1:49:14 PM): okay i definitely just realized i had a dream where me and my friends hired a male prostitute for something

Amy (10:03:29 PM): i had a dream i saw the lastest episode of lost lastnight
Amy (10:04:13 PM): and jacob had everyone get on a submarine
Amy (10:04:24 PM):
and they time traveled back toe hte 1800's
Amy (10:04:43 PM): and there were huuuge penguins on the island, like taller than a man, but not really wide
Amy (10:05:01 PM)
: and when thye got out of the submarine they wre all normal sized penguins
Shane (10:05:24 PM): like
Shane (10:05:29 PM): the penguins became normal sized
Shane (10:05:31 PM): or jack was a penguin
Amy (10:05:39 PM): no no they were penguins

Shane (2:03:05 AM): whats yo dream
Amy (2:03:22 AM):
i valndelized
Amy (2:03:28 AM): my neighbors house
Amy (2:03:38 AM):
the night their child died

Amy (12:31:54 AM): you were making a holocaust movie in my dream
Amy (12:32:07 AM):
but then i was really part of a holocaust and it was scary
Shane (12:32:53 AM): wut
Amy (12:33:19 AM): well, i remember because you hada bunch of old dudes acting
Amy (12:33:28 AM): and iwas like shane did oyu hire these guys?
Amy (12:33:36 AM): and you said they were just firends of yours
Amy (12:33:58 AM): but they were like old italian dudes

Shane (1:53:18 AM): i dreamt
Shane (1:53:40 AM)
: that i was a new castmember on SNL
Shane (1:53:48 AM):
except i realized it was like a radio show
Shane (1:53:53 AM): and as we were doing it
Shane (1:54:06 AM): i was getting emails from that asshole who blogs about ap government and teaches at my school
Shane (1:54:12 AM): because he was like lorne michaels
Shane (1:54:28 AM): and he was telling me that we were doing poorly and the test audience had said they'd cancel us by now

Julia (4:53:14 PM): you were just in my dream
Julia (4:53:41 PM): you climbed up a ladder so you could knock on my window

shane (1:56:21 PM): but like
shane (1:56:21 PM):
i knew
shane (1:56:22 PM):
shane (1:56:25 PM):
party down exised
shane (1:56:33 PM):
and that lizzy caplan was a 27 year old actress
shane (1:56:37 PM):
not this chick at my school
shane (1:56:44 PM): and i knew i didnt belong there either
shane (1:56:48 PM):
and i wondered if she knew

Amy (4:08:04 PM): i had a dream
Amy (4:08:08 PM):
this morning
Amy (4:08:14 PM):
where you sold me ecstacy

Shane (1:31:23 AM): i had a dream last night
Shane (1:31:26 AM):
i should have realized it was a dream
Shane (1:31:32 AM):
when Gil from the simpsons was in my brotehrs room

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