Saturday, August 28, 2010


Amy (1:51:08 AM): oh in my dream last night i watched the science of sleep
Shane (1:51:21 AM):
you still havent seen science of sleep right haha
Amy (1:51:22 AM):
Amy (1:51:27 AM): it was real weird but i liked it
Amy (1:51:33 AM):
then i realized parts of the movie were missing
Amy (1:52:14 AM): i called you and was like "yeah i just watched sciene of sleep but i noticed the scene where gael garcia bernal learns to walk from the trailer wasnt in it?"
Amy (1:52:30 AM):
and you were like ohhh nooo you ruined the whole movie by seeing it without some scenes or something
Shane (1:52:39 AM): that sounds like me

Well now i have watched Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry!!! and im gonna start blogging about any movies i like and use more words (im not going to do this) in order to compete with rival blog , G**dnight C**l W*rld.
This movie was from 2006! It stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Gael García Bernal! back when it came out I wanted to see it and then thought it might be a bit too twee and gay. Four years later i've overcome this "gayphobia," if you will, and boy am i glad. First off all you should know that Gael García Bernal's charater STEPHANE does not use leg braces. He is fully capable physically. however he is probably mentally retarded or at least has emotional arrested development. Strangely, in all of the reflection the actors and director did on this story this idea is never brought up. Instead the idea of the movie is about "rejection" particularly any form of rejection that Michel Gondry has ever faced. Most notably from girls whose hands he wanted to hold.but really this move is about this guy, stephane, who goes to france for some reason.. i think it has to do with his mom.. and so hes got this job that he doesnt like im not really sure what it is. but hes got a crush on his neighbor, Stephanie. or maybe he doesnt. or maybe it was her friend. anyways! hes a crazy dreamer (probably just crazy)! Stephane's dream world is increasingly affecting his IRL world.
Stephane's neighbor is Stephanie and there's not too much to know about her. Some people have criticized her charater as too much of a ManicPixieDreamGirl. It seems fitting, though! Stephane seems to blindly pursue her after they start doing craft projects together? I wasn't totally clear on that. this movie is full of bad and good examples on HOW TO GET GIRLS.Good Example: Make their toy horse animatronic.

Bad Example: Bleed on their front door.

Somewhere in this story there's also room for giant hands, time machines, skiing and cat costumes. Maybe you should just see the movie and i won't spoil it, okay? And if you've seen it i wont bore you! The Science of Sleep a good movie with lots of visual tricks and treats! Here are some random notes on the film:
While i was watching this i thought of how much i liked her dress. then when i watched with commentary she said it was her mother's dress! très chic!

Here is an image of what i hope to see everytime i look through my door's peephole.

This made me giggle. dreams are weird!


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